D2 Playlist
August 20, 2010

A few days ago I got the Droid X, an impressive smartphone. However creating music playlists on a phone is never that easy and I have playlists that date back 30 years, once upon a time they were called "Mix Tapes". So I made "D2 Playlist" as a simply Windows based application that will allow the user to drag and drop, or open existing WinAmp playlists. Then by selecting "Export" the application navigates to the "music" folder and copies the music and creates a playlist file that the Droid can read (.pls)

This is a very simple 1.0 application and I am releasing the application as well as the source code as after reviewing countless posts there did not seem to be any application that was easy to use or even covered this requirement. I have tested this application on Windows 7, 64bit with the Droid X. When selecting "Export" you will be prompted for the location to where you want to copy the files. On My Droid X that location is "[drive]\mobile\music". Please be aware that on your phone it may be different.

The source code is available and may be used for any non-commercial uses. If there are feature requests or bugs that you would like to report please feel free to contact me.

An installation has yet to created for this application. You will need to have Microsoft's .Net Frameworks 2.0

Please be aware that this is an "alpha" product and that Blissgig does not offer any support or take any responsability for issues with your computer or other devices by using this software.

Download application

Download Source Code