AMS Enterprise
May 02, 2002

AMS Enterprise is a medical application for monitoring methadone patients and dispensing liquid medication. This was a rather complicated application as it had over 200 clinic options and over 200 user options.

The design of the application was to mimic the doctor chart. This made sure that each section of the patient's information is only a single click away. Each tab could be hidden based on clinic or user options.

Even though this application was build in 2002/2003, I choose to use Visual Basic 6 because after visiting multiple clinics and hospitals I became aware of the minimal funds available to the IT depts. Because of this issue the computers were all much slower and had less RAM than technologies such as .NET would need so that the application could run well. The back end data store was SQL Server. This choice was again based on funds and there was a free version of SQL Server called "SQL Server Dekstop Edition". The current free version of SQL Server is SQL Server Express.

Technologies: VB 6, SQL Server