Appliance TMR
September 21, 2015

Appliance TMR is a Windows Phone app that allows you to easily set a timer for your home appliances. For those of us who live in apts doing laundry can become a bit of a guessing game.

Available appliances:

Each of these appliances has a default time set, however this value can be changed.

To change an appliance, simply swipe left or right, starting on the icon. To change an appliances time swipe left or right, starting on the time (right half of the Tile)

The user may have multiple, really unlimted, Timer Tiles. Each tile can have it's own appliance and it's own time.

When a timer completes the user is notified by a standard Windows Phone Toast that shows specific info about the appliance.

As of Sept 25, 2015 this application is ready for some alpha testing. The code is available below.

This app is in development and the source code is available at GitHub

Technologies: C#, WP8