Communicate to the users
January 27, 2021

I know I am not the first developer to say this, but yet here I go. Developers, you NEED to communicate to your users. Don't EVER make them guess what is going on. eg: The hourglass or endless spinning circle. What is happening? When will it end?

See, the problem is that because the developer wrote the code there is often an assumption that it is self explainitory. It is not.

For example here is a Unity dialog:

Because VR applications are HUGE I am forced to look at this dialog for hours, and that is not an exageration. So what's specifically wrong with this dialog?

Users should not have to guess what is happening and should also not have to spend ANY time on Google/application site attempting to figure out what is happening. Tell them, be explicit. Yes, some users will be annoyed because they know what is happening... the thing is, they will know because you told them.