Infinite Candles
March 16, 2021

I have been having some issues with finding the limits of what can realistically be acomplished on the Oculus Quest 2*. Because of these issues, and because I have spent months working on larger projects I thought it best to create a simple project and see how far I can push the technology and still get decent frame rates.

About a decade ago I saw an interesting art installation, quick clip here, where you were in a small room with lots of mirrors and faux candles which gave the impression of infinite candles. It was an impressive piece so I thought I would replicate that here. There is no movement in this scene, you can only look around, just like the art installation.

Download Infinite Candles 39 MB

Technologies: C#, Unity, Oculus Quest 2, URP, Visual Studio

* This scene has just under 5000 low poly candles. Less than half of those move. Only a small percentage have animated flames, those closest to the player. Candles in the mid-range flicker, while those farther out do not. This was build on the Unity Universal Render Pipeline. Unity DOTS was considered, but at this time I got the information I required.