Sit back and relax on your own private yacht. Watch the whales, see the sunset and enjoy the stars as they come out and shine as you sail the inside passage in Alaska.

Took a recent cruise and enjoyed our deck view and want to recreate the feeling of sitting back and enjoying watching the view sail past.

This is my first Oculus Rift Experience, it gave me a great start to using Unity to create applications for VR

Update: July 5, 2017 I am going on another Alaska cruise at the end of this month. I am taking my DSLR and a new zoom lens so I can take reference shots so that I may improve this experience after I return. I have also found a Northern Lights asset that will allow me to integrate that into this experience.

Update: June 23, 2017 Release Added some more features, tweaked and fixed a number of items. Make sure to enjoy the moon rise after the sun sets, the snow fluffies in the night, the howl of the wolves and the orca's and whales singing.

Update: June 16, 2017 Purchased a new yacht, now you can walk around it. Added more orca and fine tuned dozens of things.

Update: May 26, 2017 Thanks to a number of comments I realized that the first versions were much more of a prototype, but hey, I'm a developer, not a designer. I have recreated the experience from scratch with new elements, sounds, models. There are still issues, for example the yacht is having an issue and if I cannot get that handled I will have to purchase a new yacht (problems to have!).

Update: May 12, 2017 I completed recreated this application from scratch. (live and learn) to improve a number of issues. There are now more types of mountains, boats and other items to make the experience more interesting. I have updated the Lat/Long to place the experience in Alaska. There are a number of issues that still need to be addressed, but I wanted to release this for feedback.

Update: April 27, 2017 Added seagulls and mountains and a few other items. Improved the ocean as well as more random weather and now the boat gently rocks. Bouys now properly float.

Some of the components used in this experience.

Download Relax At Sea - Release June 23, 2017. 880MB

Download Relax At Sea - Prototype Version 0.008 May 12, 2017. 447MB

I have kept the prototype version available so that you can see the progress from that to the released version, if nothing else for a laugh.

Technologies: C#, Unity, Visual Studio