May 20, 2011

This is a recreation of a control I had started to make back in 1999 using Visual Basic 6.0, however that set of tools was not very efficiant for dealing with graphics. From time to time I have had the need for this sort of old style led display, so here it is.

Round elements 10x10

Square elements 20x20

I attempted to address all the possibilities for this type of control and keep it as simple as possible. An "element", think of an element as a single LED, can have separate height and width and can be oval or rectangle. There can be a border color on an element and the border is also an adjustable width and height. I have allowed for an adjustable width between each charactor and I have threaded the process that moves the text value.

In the addition of the standard UserControl properties, Broadway has the following properties:
Base Properties

Element Properties

Element Border Properties

Download source code. Written in VB.NET 2008.

This code contains the control and a test bed for trying out your changes. The code can be used and modified for non-commercial or non-business related products. If there is a need for this code to be used within a commercial product, or if you have any other questions please contact me at

It is worth noting that this could be made accessable to COM, but really, I think you should move beyound that technology if you can. I have not tested this under those circumstances.