In the not too distant future life in the city is clean, organized, safe. Heartbeat City is filled with "Auto Autos" that drive themselves, they take us where we want to go. But then there is you; a hacker with an addiction to speed and a disdain for authority. What do you do? You hack a car and race the streets, avoid the cops and causing mayhem. Enjoy

Design Beta Available

This software is not complete, so please expect changes. Version 0.042 Design Beta 1 (1.4 GB)

Download Heartbeat City - VR

Download Heartbeat City - PC

Heartbeat City requires a game controller, ie XBox Controller, as it has not get been configured to use the Oculus Rift controller.

  • Right Trigger - Acceleration
  • Left Trigger - Brakes
  • A button - Anti-Gravity. This allows the car to fly over obstacles. Be aware, using AG causes the car to lose speed while in use.
  • X button - Show/Hide tabet. The tablet shows the rear-view camera and other game data
  • DPad Up/Down - Change options on the tablet: Car Color, Song (Previous/Next), Play/Pause, Volume (Lower/Raise), Race (Quit/Start)
  • DPad left/Right - Affect current option. ie: Change volume or tune.

There is a "Music" folder within the "HBC_Data" folder, this contains a few songs that match the style/mood I believe fits this game. You can place any mp3 files within that folder prior to starting the game.

I was listening to The Cars "Heartbeat City" while playing NFS and it clicked as the inspiration for the game. So I created a playlist of additional songs that I believe match the feel of the game, to inspire me and move me in the direction I believe the game should go.

Reddit user AppalachianCentrist2 supplied a great playlist of songs with a nice variety and texture: Spotify Playlist

Please be aware that I know many areas of the game are rough. The intent here was not to make a game, but to learn more about the abilities of VR. In this aspect there is a lot going on here; Lots of multi level traffic, tons of cops to chase you, buildings that respond to the beat, a rear view mirror, endless selection of races since each race is random. There is a lot going on here and for a beta/prototype, and as a developer not a designer, I am proud of this work. I do hope you enjoy. I look forward to hearing any and all feedback.

This is a chase/race game designed for VR. I do not play many video games, however in the past few years I have enjoyed the Need for Speed franchise and with my interest in VR I thought it would be of value to my abilities and knowledge to attempt to create a game that I would enjoy.

It is in this moment that I have to say the desires for the game have been very much limited by the technology. I have had to scale back the design multiple times to get the frame rate to a place where the game can look and feel the way I imagined as well as not drop so low as to cause motion sickness. eg: If I run the game without compiling for VR I can get 240+ fps, with VR enabled 70 to 95. This is too low and there is so much more to do. I fear that I will have to scale back again, or that there is much more for me to learn about VR development (likely that)

I believe that VR is going to be a transformative technology and that Rift, Vive, etc are the first generation devices and that the value for society and business is going to be huge.


Jan 30, 2018. Waiting for an update to the road asset, Easy Roads 3D (great asset!), that will include "lanes" within it's code making it easier to code the traffic. Sadly, because of this I am log jammed. Other details have been worked out, but until this asset is available I cannot move forward.

Nov 23, 2018. I spent a lot of time in the last two months going over feedback and looking into changes. I am currently wait for the release version of a critical asset. While the primary goal of this project was to learn the limitations of the VR/Rift platform, at the moment I am going to continue development. I have updated the game from 4km x 4km, to 8km x 8km and lots of other details are being changed to make this a better experience. I will post updates as soon as I have more infomation.

Sept 7, 2018. I am very happy to announce that I have reached a point where the game works and I can release it for review. I hope you enjoy. This is the first game I have ever created as I am a business software developer and the actual reason for developing this game was to learn in detail the complexities of VR development. Being able to get this level of experience and still get 90 fps is quite the achivement. If response to this game is enough I will continue development.

July 6, 2018. Final design. WOW! it took a long time to get here. The current abilities of VR tech, and the fact that I am a developer, not a designer, are some of the reasons it took so long to release a vr application that performs acceptably. Now that I have the components I can work on the interactions of the game. This version allows you to wander around in the city (4 sq miles) and see the city respond to the music, which you can add your own of course. There is traffic now, but it too needs work. I am simply happy to get to this point and I wanted to share the progress.

May 3, 2018. Design beta 2. Lots of improvements, and even better frame rates. Not a lot to do here, just drive around and listen to music. I am satisfied enough wit the design that I can now start on the game mechanics, finally

April, 20, 2018. First beta of the design. Note: I am NOT a designer. I have spent a lot of time working with the abilities and limitations of the idea vs the platform. While I am very excited for what VR is going to bring, the amount of content within the environment and the interation affects frame rate which is very important in VR. So I am happy to release this design for review and feedback. There is still a chunk of work within the base design, but at this time I am confortable with where this is going.

Nov 3, 2017. The first non-testbed version. I had to scale back the area available (from nearly 9000x9000 to 2400x2400, still a large area) as the CPU/GPU requirements for what I want to do are just not available at the moment. Lots of small fixes, more different types of buildings and more. Still a lot of work to do. Traffic is the next step.

Oct 30, 2017. A new version is available below. This version is the result of testing the abilities of the audio-visualization. This is a good step forward as it allows me to see the FPS with this design. While I am very excited about the abilities of VR, it is obviously still in it's infancy. Currently the music is just one song, in the beta and release versions the user will be able to use their own music.

Sept 26, 2017. After finishing an update to Relax At Sea I am back working on this project. Currently I have been creating tests and making a detailed specification. At this time I do not have a time table for when the first release will be. There are a number of items I wish to get right before I release an early alpha version.

July 5, 2017. I have purchased a road asset, EasyRoads3D, as it allows for more than just straight lines (understatement!). More buildings have been placed to give me a better idea on how it will look. ALL of what is currently seen within this game is temporary and most will be changed. I am happy with the ability of the road asset and my next component to work on is the buildings. I am currently researching assets that will allow me to build and customize structures.

June 28, 2017. A number of small changes and made the buildings taller (stacked, yes this is just temporary) and better lighting. This gets me close enough to know that I need to look into building new dwellings and new curved roads. I have been doing a lot of research into options and style.

June 14, 2017. Updated the lighting and added a glow to neon items. Added a cop that will chase you if you are close enough to it. The "racer" hover car now has headlights and brakelights, and many of the other hover cars have brakelights. Lots of little updates to the environment, while thinking through other issues I'm adding and updating the game to fill it and make it more interesting. Updated the Racer's engine sound (I think you'l appreciate that)

June 13, 2017. This is the first release, however this is only a test-bed. This is to allow me to see the game in action, to see what works, what does not and to plan the next steps. I thought it would be of value to share the process from the very start. This will allow me to get feedback and to share the idea as it grows. The idea is to create a neon-future city that you can drive, chase and out run the police. Since I am in no-way a graphic designer I purchased this city set and made some adjustments to give me a basic idea of what I want the game to look like. I plan to have the final version to be a more stylized low-poly game. At the moment all traffic is simply "on a track" so do not expect much, this is a very simple starting point.

Nov 3, 2017. I have gotten a lot done in the past week, both with what you can experience as well as work to make the rest of the game workable now that the city has some room to play. You can now use your own music. The vehicles will hover and have the ability to jump over other items. Users will be able to add their own music and the windows in buildings will react to the music. Currently the windows are turning on and off randomly to simulate this effect.

Technologies: C#, Unity, Oculus Rift, Visual Studio