Books and sites to read
June 01, 2012

As a tech we spend every day reading documentation, however some documents are more valuable than others. Follows is a list of books and sites that I highly recommend for all developers.

About Face
User Interface design issues. This book is written by the creator of Visual Basic, so of course I read it years ago. He takes a bit of a hard line on some issues, and while a lot of this book speaks about older issues (Windows UI) they are still relevant today.

Design Patterns
This is simply a must read for all developers. Anything else I say here would be redundant

Dreaming In Code
A great book about some impressive developers and their management attempting to handle a large scale development. Developers and management need to read this one, as there are many good points made here.

The Mythical Man-Month
Written so long again and yet very relavant, again for developers as well as management.

Programming as if people mattered"
I loved the title here; "as if", not that they do, but AS IF. Too funny. Still, a good book about issues with UI/UX that all developers should read.

Clients From
Good to know what to look out for and how to handle bad clients.

Programmers Life
(comic) If you write software, you've lived these stories.

The Daily WTF.
Code horror stories, fun reads and good info to know.

Not Always
Because the customer/client/boss/user is not right.