Message In A Bottle
June 01, 2011

Most, if not all applications are very specific about what they do. "Message In A Bottle" is not like that. In fact I do not have a specific reason for this application. I consider it more of a "build in and they will come" sort of idea.

Users will be able to come to a page here on Blissgig (maybe another named site) where they can put a message "in a bottle" and throw it into the "sea" that is the internet. The note can be as long as the user wants and contain whatever information that they wish. Other users can come to the site and by random chance there may be a bottle with a message that they can read. Users can recork the bottle and throw it back and, if they desire, add additional notes. Once a bottle has been opened it cannot be found by any other users.

Simple enough?

June 17, 2011. I have created the data model and some of the stored procedures and logic required for this application.