Bedia VR
November 01, 2016

I rented the Oculus Rift Developer Kit last year and purchased the CV1 recently. It was quick to see the value of VR, at least in the realm of entertainment, as the additional sense of movement brings an entire new level of engagement. I have spent some time thinking about how these devices can be used as business applications, however because of the lack of high enough resolution I do not believe basic text based business applications are valid at this time. Visual based applications can have real potential and the ability to freely move about the data could be an intuative way to understand the information at hand.

I also noticed that the various vr media players do not have a good playback media control like I created within Bedia, Bedia NV and Bedia UV. I thought I would dig into the Oculus SDK and research into the ability to display 3D 180/360 content with the Bedia playback controls displayed in from of the user in whatever direction they are viewing with minimal obstruction to the content.

I have started researching the various tools that will allow me to use .NET to create this VR application. This will at least allow me to know the cababilities of the device.

Update April 21, 2017. I have been looking at a number of VR media players;Bigscreen, Deo, Cmoar VR Cinema, Moon VR Player, Sour VR, Virtual Desktop, Whirligig and a few others. Each of these have some interesting features. Deo is very easy to use and Bigscreen and Virtual Desktop and some interesting environments to watch movies.

Because I have not settled on the feature set I would include and because Unity and VR is a little more complex to build this without better experience I have postponed this application will I work on a few more simple VR applications.

Technologies: C#, Unity, Visual Studio