Heartbeat City
May 02, 2017

In the not too distant future life in the city is clean, organized, safe. Heartbeat City is filled with "Auto Autos" that drive themselves, they take us where we want to go. But then there is you; a hacker with an addiction to speed and a disdain for authority. What do you do? You hack a car and race the streets, avoid the cops and causing mayhem. Enjoy

Sept 14, 2020: Test Drive Available. 800 MB

Download Heartbeat City Test Drive for PC

Download Heartbeat City Test Drive for VR

Heartbeat City requires a game controller, ie XBox Controller, as it has not get been configured to use the Oculus Rift controllers.

I was listening to The Cars "Heartbeat City" while playing NFS and it clicked as the inspiration for the game. So I created a playlist of additional songs that I believe match the feel of the game, to inspire me and move me in the direction I believe the game should go.

Reddit user AppalachianCentrist2 supplied a great playlist of songs with a nice variety and texture: Spotify Playlist

Please be aware that I know many areas of the game are rough. The intent here was not to make a game, but to learn more about the abilities of VR. In this aspect there is a lot going on here; Lots of multi level traffic, buildings that respond to the beat, endless selection of races since each race is random. There is a lot going on here and for a prototype, and as a developer not a designer, I am proud of this work. I do hope you enjoy. I look forward to hearing any and all feedback.

This is a chase/race game designed for VR. I do not play many video games, however in the past few years I have enjoyed the Need for Speed franchise and with my interest in VR I thought it would be of value to my abilities and knowledge to attempt to create a game that I would enjoy.

Thanks to Unity's "Data-Oriented Technology Stack" aka DOTS the game can now have the immersion for which I first hoped. There are still a thousand things that will need to be done to make this a fully functioning game.

I believe that VR is going to be a transformative technology and that Rift, Vive, etc are the first generation devices and that the value for society and business is going to be massive.

Technologies: C#, Unity, Unity DOTS, Oculus Rift, Visual Studio, VR