Relax: Panama Canal
June 23, 2017

Update Sept 12th, 2017 As of now all of my "Relax At Sea" VR experiences will be within a single app: "Relax At Sea". This will allow the user to select one of multiple experiences from a single application.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my VR Experience "Relax At Sea (Alaska Sunset)" - available free here for Oculus Rift when I start thinking about this experience. It's my first fully formed VR application, and I like it. I like it because I have cruised in Alaska a couple of times, and I'm going again this Summer. It is a trip worth taking and does not disappoint. I am not even a nature person (yay for technology!) however it is amazingly beautiful there.

But I digress. We cruised through the Panama Canal earlier this year and it was, suprisingly an amazing experience. I recorded what may be the very first real-time (non-timelapse) full canal transit. It took a bit to edit, and I am happy to share this video.

So it got me thinking that it might be fun to recreate that experience in VR. I am placing this idea here and I am going to start making specifications to see what it would take to actually create this experience so that anyone with a Rift could enjoy it

Update: June 25, 2017. I quickly realized that there is no way a user is going to want to wear VR for the 11 hours it takes to transit the entire canal. I am currently editing the video above to create a 1 hour or less video that shows sailing into the canal and the first set of locks. This is to be the template for the experience.

Update: July 5, 2017. I created an edit of footage I have from my Panama Canal transit. I started from out in the bay and finished after the first set of locks, Miraflores. I also sped up the footage in an attempt to make the entire process approx 30 minutes. Long experiences are not the norm at the moment, and I wanted to avoid fatigue. With tis footage as a template I feel that a VR experience is possible.