VR Data Viewer
November 17, 2011

Back in the mid 90s a friend mentioned that he was looking to make a 3D plugin for databases. It never got started. While working on a VR game I needed a break to think about the design, as I am a devloper not a designer I need time. All of the VR projects I am working on are to have a better understanding of the issues with VR development. I believe that VR/AR is a transformative technology and how we deal with data is going to be different than we have been doing on the current platforms.

The idea and presentation of this application will be designed to show how users can interact with common data in a virtual space.

Update Dec 15, 2017: I have been working with the File System data as an easy accessable data that would be unique to each viewer. However I have gotten bogged down, again, in design and since I am not a designer this is taking additional time. I am looking at multiple ways to view the data: IE: size, date, type. However the UI metaphors I keep envisioning are too 2D and I do not feel that it properly represents the value of VR for business applications. The Desktop Metaphor, in this case an actual 3d desk, folder, etc, also did not feel the best way way to show data to users, though it is a common pattern for the past few decades, I felt it was not as revolutionary as design as VR can protray.

I'm going to give this more thought...