Pale Blue Dot
January 10, 2019

Last week I purchased Spheres, a wonderful VR experience. They have a piece called "Pale Blue Dot" and since Carl's speech is one of my favorite I had high hopes. Sadly the experience was not what I wanted, though it is still great. Really, if you have VR and enjoy space experiencs you simply must pick up Spheres

I deceided that I should make something based on this speech and I will post it here. Most of the clips on YouTube show clips from films and history that relate to what Carl is saying, however that does not seem to be a good way to present this in VR. So at the moment I am creating a base for my idea, however I would like feedback and additional ideas on how to present this wonderful speech in VR

January 13, 2019. First prototype. Very rough. I wanted to get my idea out and get some feedback. The Voyager record displays some chess pieces in rough hologram as a placeholder for information/images/etc that relate to what Carl is saying in his speech. The idea would be that the Earth remains in the scene and grows smaller and smaller until the player ends up behind saturn in a representation of the original image. I am very interested in hearing feedback of all sorts, however please be aware that this is just a rough first draft.

Download "Pale Blue Dot" Prototype #1 230 MB