Lifx Lounge
August 30, 2020

This is a simple Windows application that allows you to select one or more of your Lifx smart bulb. Multiple colors can be added, via the second combo box, as well as there are a few presets within the top combo box that load colors into the list on right hand side. The slider bar above the "Start" button sets the amount of time between each color change. The color change happens one bulb at a time at each interval. After all bulbs have been changed to the latest color, the next color is selected.

This is really just a test bed application to get Lifx bulbs working on a Windows application.

Download Lifx Lounge 1.1MB Note: There is no installation for this application and you will need the .Net Frameworks 4.7.2 available here

Lifx Cloud Client code. This is code used to to connect and affect the bulbs.

Source code coming soon

Technologies: C#, Lifx, Visual Studio