So, for the sake of fun and avoiding a bad interview.

  • Please review my site. I will be reviewing all sorts of information that I can find about your company and the people whom I will be working. I have provided this information to enable you to make informed decisions about me and my abilities.
  • Don’t ask me for my resume. I will make sure you have one before I come to the interview. I haven’t owned a printer for over a decade.
  • Please don’t hand me pencil and paper for a test. Yes, I have actually had this happen to me. Analog... it’s funny really, if it wasn’t so sad.
  • Developers should be more than a person who writes code. I have interviewed developers who had no verbal comunication abilities. The point of software development is to insure that the client/companies needs are met. The only way to get that acomplished is to be able to talk with the users and management.
  • Don’t ask me about technologies that are not on my resume. I have been asked about C++, Assembly and other technologies that are neither on my resume or part of the company’s stack. There is really no value in this avenue. For the record my base technologies are C#, VB, SQL Server and Oracle. I am primarily a Windows Developer, though I have done some web and mobile development as well.
  • Please don't take weeks to get back to me. I understand that there will be multiple candidates but if you take too long I will assume that you are not interested and I will find a company that wants my abilities.
  • I expect that any questions you have will be answered in a way that can be understood by someone without technical knowledge.
  • Don't expect me to be inexpensive, or worse; Free. Yes I have had management ask me to work for free. I have also been told; "I can get multiple high school kids for what you are asking." As if experience means nothing and that this is a skill set that can be learned in just a few months. I have writing software for two decades and there will always be more to learn.