August 10, 2013

This introduction is an integral part of my resume as a way to share not only my abilities in software development but my passion for my chosen career. Also essential is that I am self-taught and don’t do well with quiz-style interviews as I am not the type of person who memorizes the SDK. What I would like is to engage in an open dialog on how I can be of value to your organization. This introduction may be a little long, but I believe that clarity is more important than brevity and I feel that the time you take to read this will be of value to you.

I am an IT Professional with over 25 years experience and more than 20 in software development. I have created applications for multiple sectors including Banking, Telco, Legal, Medical and e-Commerce. I have designed and created large scale mission critical applications, including gathering specifications, designing the data models and creating documentation for end-users and technical staff. I have also managed projects where large and often complicated systems were required to run the daily business. Each situation and every project is a new experience and while previous knowledge of similar systems can be helpful, I like to keep an open mind about the possibilities of the project's current and future abilities.

My primary experience has been in developing Windows based applications, though I have also created web, phone and television applications. While some programmers were off chasing the latest technologies I was concentrating more about the business needs for the companies where I was employed. I started using Visual Basic as in 1993, however I have also learned other technologies and languages when the necessity or interest arose. For example over the last five years my primary language has been C#. While I enjoy learning new technologies, they are not a means unto themselves, but a tool to help the company achieve their goals. Good practices and processes, documentation and communication are the key to successful projects, not the specific tools. I understand that working in IT means that new technologies and new features are coming online frequently and this requires me to keep up to date. I preview, test and read up on existing and new technologies to insure that I am aware of what is coming and how it can interact with current systems as well as possible future abilities.

Software development is a process that involves a good amount of thought and planning, this is where I excel. I am proactive, aware of the values that IT can provide for the company and organized in thought and in code. My code is well written, commented and often prepared for the next set of features. If this is the sort of employee you need please contact me so we can talk about your requirements.

I live in Manhattan and I am only interested in a position within New York City. For additional information, code, and applications please visit my site Thank you kindly for taking the time to review my resume.

James Rose

New York, NY 10035


Co-Founder / Developer, Electric Light Ideas New York, NY. January 2014 – July 2016
Created applications; site, widgets, and mobile that took user input on a subject and output an emptional result icon. Designed algorithm, engine database, and interfaces for external developers. Generated documentation for interfaces and designs.

Technologies: Visual Studio 2013, C#, SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Source Safe

Software Developer, New York, NY. November 2008 – August 2013
Integrated the new site design into existing site and code. Created interface with Partner's system via SOAP and Windows Services. Created Windows Service to deal with images that were too large for a VB Classic application. Responsible for the maintenance and addition of new features to a Windows based medical imaging application. Wrote documentation for existing and new components.

Technologies: Visual Basic.NET 2008, Windows Services, SQL Server 2000, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, XML, SOAP

Architect / .NET Developer, New York, NY. February 2008 – Present
Designing and developing a web site using .NET technologies that allows users to create, tag and share events. The system will connect users to events as well as other users based on the user’s previous event patterns. Created data model, stored procedures as well as system and process documentation. This technology was sold however the domain remains active to showcase my other projects.

Technologies: Visual Studio 2008, C#, Visual Basic.NET, SQL Server 2005/2008, ASP.NET, Web Services, XML

Software Developer, Burrelles Luce New York, NY. January 2007 – January 2008
Responsible for the upkeep and re-architecture of the company’s core system. This process includes scanning, running OCR and searching thousands of publications daily. This included over 200 DLL, OCX and application components. Created and optimized Oracle stored procedures and triggers. Created .NET components using COM to allow these objects to be used in VB6. Wrote development and system documentation as well as created prototypes in Photoshop to expedite user acceptance of new interfaces. Interfaced with QA, sales, end-users and upper management to ensure products and practices were in line with the company’s process. Mentored junior developers including best practices and code reviews. Interviewed applicants for technical knowledge.

Technologies: Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.NET 2005, ADO/ADO.NET, Oracle 10g, Toad, SVN/Tortoise

.NET Developer / Consultant, Affect Image Seattle, WA via New York City. March 2006 – January 2007.
Developed code examples for the company’s new technology as well as designing and creating the data model. These examples were used to facilitate licensing this technology.

Technologies: Visual Basic.NET 2005, SQL Server 2005, Source Safe

Senior Developer / Development Lead, Addiction Management Systems New York, NY. May 2002 – Feb 2006
Lead the re-design of an existing MS Access application into a true client/server using SQL Server. This design change was to allow current and future customers to have a stable environment for this mission critical medical application as well as the ability to run multiple sites from a single data store. This included meeting with management, customers, support and sales staff to gather and document specifications and to insure that the new product would meet current and future customer requirements. Created a more concise and standard user interface (UI) to allow easier use by end-users who know current system as well as other standard office applications. Directed secondary developers with the current application development and assigning modules for the new version as well as performing code and design reviews. Completed first release of product earlier than scheduled, enabling sale to company’s newest and largest customer. Documented the design, code and data model to existing established coding, naming and structure guidelines.

Technologies: Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.NET 2003, ADO, SQL Server 2000, Source Safe

Senior Developer / Development Lead, B-Line Seattle, WA. May 2001 - July 2001. Contract
Completed a 60-day contract to rewrite a data-entry system. The completed legal/bankruptcy application doubled the speed of the entry with less than 60% of the previous workforce. Reworked and orchestrated the redesign of the data model into a workable, scalable system. Aligned the development team by their strengths and created an environment that allowed users and management to achieve the goals they set out in a minimum of time and allowed developers to accomplish the goals management set out for them. Created development documentation and coding standards implemented by the entire development team.

Technologies: Visual Basic 6, ADO, SQL Server 2000, Source Safe

Application Analyst II, Cellular One / Western Wireless Issaquah, WA. October 2000 – March 2001
Responsible for Payment Processing System; consisting of multiple databases, numerous Visual Basic components, MS Access reporting front end and Active Server Pages to allow easier report viewing for the end-users. Developed coding and naming standards for the development team.

Technologies: Visual Basic 6, ADO, Active Server Pages (ASP), SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Access, Source Safe

Application Developer, Punch Networks Seattle, WA. June 2000 – September 2000. Contract
Developed Windows based internet file-sharing/repository application. Responsible for the User Interface design of the retail application.

Technologies: Visual Basic 6, ADO, Oracle, XML, CVS

Senior Application Developer, Seattle, WA. January 2000 – June 2000. Contract
Developed internal company wide accounting. Designed data-model for client/vendor transactions that allowed growth of the system without the need to rewrite the code or database structure. Implementation of User-Controls as a way to group and control code generation / reuse.

Technologies: Visual Basic 6, ADO, SQL Server 7, Source Safe

Senior Application Developer, Wells Fargo Bank San Francisco, CA. January 1996 – December 1998
Developed and implementing company-wide “ATM World” application. Responsible for database and application development, testing, interface design, system integration, and maintaining code base. Co-wrote the data-model for this application allowing consistent and historical views of all data. Created and presented proposals/strategic planning. Recognized with bonuses for technical expertise and contributing to organizational improvements.

Technologies: Visual Basic 4, 5 & 6, DAO, RDO, ADO, Oracle, Crystal Reports, Source Safe, Photoshop

Network Admin / User Support, Symantec / Timeline Novato, CA. October 1995 – December 1995
Supported company wide network. Created installation scripts to enable faster reproduction of systems for the QA department.

Technologies: Windows NT, Windows 95, Novel 3.1

Software Developer / Consultant, Shattered Rose San Francisco, CA. June 1992 – October 1995
Created networks and applications for clients. Trained end-users on current technologies.

Technologies: Windows 3.x, Windows NT, Novel 3.x, Visual Basic 3, MS Access, SQL Server 6


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