May 13, 2015

Aug 5th, 2015. Alpha version available.

I have given this app a name; "b.Linkr", pronounced in Blinker. The very basic activity of this app is to link files together.

While talking with management about our technical process I wanted to know about the original documentation and system flow. It turned out that no documentaion was every created. Sadly, this is not uncommon. While explaining the value of a flow chart of the system process I came to realize that one reason that there is so rarely any good documention is that it is too dificult to create and update. So with that in mind I created the following specifications for a new flow chart/documentation application.

The base idea is that a project manager and/or developers could talk with management and/or end-users and talk over the process flow. As each "event" is described the application user can simply add nodes. Developers can use the application to add links to screen shots or code classes to make it easier to find out what the process is and where the code for each "event" exists.

Selecting the top level document will display a preview pane. Currently there is no way to remove a document from the group.

Download Alpha version of b.Linkr

Storage is via XML, but the data model will also easily translate to a relational database in case of larger scale needs.

Technologies: C#, XML.